The Joker entered the world of DJ-ing, back in 1989. He always loved music, playing music and listening to music.­ "I suppose that is where every DJ in the world starts, but believe me, I never thought that I would become a DJ!"

In 1989 his brother bought himself a mobile disco and started to play for weddings, 21st parties and house parties etc. The Joker was his caddy and always went with him, carrying speakers, but used this time to learn as much as he could from his brother, Dj-T (Tyrone).

When his brother started his University studies, he also kept on DJ-ing in various night clubs that left the door open for the Joker to start with the mobile scene, doing various parties, weddings and 21st parties, this was where he gained the most experience in his career.

When he left school, he had no job and once again his brother came to the rescue. He organized him a job at one of the local night clubs where he was playing at, he organized - wait for it!!!!!! he organized him a job washing glasses for R50 per week! The Joker was not happy, but once again he used the time to learn and to observe what type of music worked and what you should and should not do.

At long last and quite a lot of glasses later, The Joker got his first gig on a Wednesday evening. The pay was more ­ R150 per evening. Slowly, but surely he started to build up a following. Then came his first opportunity for a Friday evening. What a nightmare! All the amps, but one, blew and they only had one CD player that worked.

The rest is history, he started to play a number of clubs as a residential and guest DJ:

* Visions * Alcazar (Springs) * Madhouse (Boksburg) * La Scala * Club 64 * Orange House * Hectic * Liquid Neon * Twisters (Bethlehem) * Atlantis (Pretoria) * Rox Burry * Masquerades (Boksburg) * Hot Stuff (Carltonville) * Bourbon Street (Secunda) * Bourbon Street (Nelspruit) * Bourbon Street (Witbank) * Bourbon Street (Boksburg) * Night Capz (Springs) * Yazoo * Ilanga Lodge (Bethlehem) * Stations (Midrand) * Tequila Rock (Boksburg) * Inigma (Carltonville) * Lighthouse * Homberes (London) * Funky Town (Midrand) * Funky Town (Witbank) * Wizard's * Ck's * Barumba (Pretoria) * Barumba (Hartebeespoortdam) * Club Malibu (Witbank) * Recess (Centurion) * Reds On Campus (Bloemfontein) * Ramp Divas (Boksburg) * Carouse (George) * Carouse (Mossel Bay) * Friar Tucks (Grahamstown)

And many many many more.....................................................................

His big break in clubs came at the well-known Alcazar Night Club. He also helped to bring out the club's first cd. During the producing of the CD, He met Paul de Klerk (Gallo Records), now working at Next Music and Nic Burger (Gallo Records) now working at Universal Records. These two guys really assisted me over the past years especially with regard to producing my own CD¹s.

When he started with his music and megamix production career, he met the talented Eric M. The Joker started focusing more on the "megamix" production part of music and mixing, reason for this was the Max Mix Collections and Music Factory Mastermixes. In August 2006 he finally made it onto the Music Factory Mastermixes with one of his Megamixes, "The Urban Cut Up Mix Vol 1", A couple o fyears late another mix was released on the well known Mastermixes - ISSUE 322 The "ACDC - Megamix"

When asked on advice on how to become a professional DJ, The Joker replied - "Start with the mobile scene first and learn the tricks of the trade. Remember anybody can beat mix, but not everybody can become a DJ!"

The Joker